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rediger; "aaqqissuuguk", gem; "Toqqoruk"

Tak[rediger kildetekst]

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For at have skabt lidt liv her på stedet med nye artikler, oprydning i gamle og oversættelse af vigtige elementer i brugergrænsefladen. Kaare 18. jun 2009, 21:59 (UTC)

Alternativ til Mibbit[rediger kildetekst]

Freenode har implementeret deres egen webchat, nu hvor de har lukket for adgangen til Mibbit: - Kaare 22. jun 2009, 21:37 (UTC)

Translation of a short story[rediger kildetekst]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Kalaalit :) I made this page, the English translation is somewhere there. You can put the Kalaalit translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... :( - hu:User:Eino81

Hi Eino81! Your story is a poem alike and is outside of encyclopedia. Sometime if I have time I'll look at it and see what I can do, and some who have reading this message is welcome to translate your work. Good luck Qaqqalik
Hi Qaqqalik! I know that it's out of the encyclopedia, but I thought, as all of us is a member of this wikifamily, we could help sometimes each other. But as I see, you are the only one, who speaks Kalaalit in this wikipedia, it's a shame, not yours, it's a shame, that there is a lot of Greenlandic, and they would not edit on this wikipedia. I hope, some day somebody will translate my short story into your beautiful mother tongue. Use it! I'm a linguist, I see some language death, but you must not let to die this language. Have a nice day! --Eino81 20. aug 2009, 21:23 (UTC)

At the end I found someone, who translated my short story to your mother tongue. What do you think of this?:

Uanga nammineq[rediger kildetekst]

Pisoqaapput inuiaqatikka sorlaqarfikka; nunarsuarmi maani tamatta pisoqaavugut. Oqaatsit pisoqarsuit oqaaseraakka, tassa nammineq oqaatsikka.Nunatoqarsuarmi kisima inuusuuvunga, allani nunarsimanngisaannarpunga, maangalu atasuuvunga. Tassa uanga, uanga nammineq.Nunarsuiarmi kisimiippunga, kiserluinnarma. Kisimiippunga, inuiaqatikka qangali torarput; kisernoruppunga. Kisima oqaasitoqarsuit oqaaseraakka.

Aqqut ingerlavigisimavara, taanilik inuuneq. Iffiugaq imetlu kisiisa nerisaraakka. Uangaavoq atuakkannik allattartoq, uangaavorlu taakkuninga tuartartoq. Qaqqanut illuma tunuliinut majuuartarpunga.Uangaavoq illuma sioraani kuummi aalisartartoq. Ullut tamaasa qattunernnut illuma tunuaniittunut majuartarpunga isumattorsarniarlunga, kiserluinnarma. Angerlarsimannginninni inunnik takusaqarpunga; ilaat nunannut anngupput. Ajunngisaarfigaakka. Nerisillugillu imertippakka, illunnilu qasuersaarput.

Mannalu... Allanertat tikikkamik oqaluuppannga qanoq iliorsinnaasunga, qanorlu iliortariaqartunga. Kisianni uangaavoq naalagaasoq, aamma piginnittuusoq; tassaavunga ataasituaq angerlarsimasoq. Manna tassa nunatoqartuara, siulima inuuffigisimasaat. Tamassa uanga angerlarsimaffiga, nunaga: kisermiullunga maani najugaqarpunga.

Hi Eino81. It's look fine to me according to the english version. Your request here succeeded :-) --Qaqqalik 27. Sep 2009, 19:12 (UTC)[svar]
OK. If you say it's fine, than it's fine :) It was important to me, the Greenlandic is a very interesting language to a linguist like me. And now I have 118 translation from all over the world :) --Eino81 27. Sep 2009, 19:45 (UTC)[svar]

I got another one. Which is the better in Kalaallit, which is the more poetic? :) --Eino81 28. Sep 2009, 16:37 (UTC)[svar]

Uanga kisima[rediger kildetekst]

Inoqatikka qangarsuaaneersuupput, taakkuupput attavikka, qangarsuarmeersuuvugut maani silarsuarmi. Oqaatsit qangarsuaaneersut atorlugit oqaluttuuvunga, tassa uanga oqaatsikka. Nunami qangarsuaaneersumi najugaqarpunga, allamik najugaqarsimanngisaanarpunga, maanilu atavunga. Uangaavunga, uanga kisima. Silarsuarmi angisuumi kisimiipunga. Uanga kisimiippunga, inoqatikkalu siammarlutik aallakaapput qangali, kiserngoruppungali. Uangali kisima oqaasitoqqakka atorpakka.

Aqquteq ingerlavigaara, taasarpaallu inuuneq. Iffiaq imerlu kisiisa inuussutigaaka. Uangalu atuakkakka kisiisa allataraaka, uangalu kisima atuartarlugit. Illumma tunuaniittumi qaqqami pisuttuartarpunga, illummalu eqqaani kuummi aalisartarpunga. Ullut tamaasa qattunermukartarpunga eqqarsaatikka qasuerserniarlugit kisimiillunga, kisimiivillunga. Maaniinngikkaangama inuit ilai takusarpakka, ilai maanga nunannukartarput. Pitsaasumik pisarpakka. Nerisassaanik imigassanilu tunisarpakka, illunnguannilu eqqissisimaaqqusarpakka.

Taavalu maannakkut... Takornartat takkummata, oqaluuppaannga susinnaanerlunga, qanorlu iliorsinnaanerlunga. Kisianni uanga maani naalagaavunga, piginnittuullungalu, uangalu kisimiillunga, angerlarsimasuullunga. Tassa angerlarsimaffiga qangarsuaaneersoq, siulikkali tassani najugaqarsimallutit. Tassa uanga nunaga, uanga nunaatiga, uangali kisimiillunga najugara.

Hi Eino81! Last translation you've got has less better spelling but I have made some changes by using english version. (And changes error spellings). That's my version from english version. --Qaqqalik 28. Sep 2009, 19:06 (UTC)[svar]

The LocalisationUpdate extension has gone live[rediger kildetekst]

The LocalisationUpdate extension is now enabled for all Wikimedia projects. From now on new localisations that become available in SVN will become available to your project within 24 hours. Your localisations get into SVN from typically within a day and at worst in two days. This is a huge improvement from the old practice where the localisations became available with new software. This could take weeks, even months.

The localisations done by our community at are committed to SVN typically every day. When the system messages in English are the same as the local messages, they will now be inserted in a file and are available for use in all our projects in a timely manner

What this means for you[rediger kildetekst]

Local messages have an impact on the performance of our system. It is best when messages are as much as possible part of the system messages. In order to remove unnecessary duplication, all the messages that have a local localisation and are exactly the same as the system message will be removed. What we ask you to do is to compare and proof read the messages in and the local messages. You can then either remove local messages when the message is to be preferred or, you can update the message at

Messages that are specific to your project will have to stay as they are. You do want to check if the format and the variables of the message are still the same.

Why localise at[rediger kildetekst]

When you localise at, your messages will be used in all Wikimedia projects and eventually in all MediaWiki based projects. This is how we provide the standard support for your language. When messages change, at you will be prompted to revisit your translations. Localising is more efficient because we have innovated the process to make you more efficient; there is text explaining about messages and we have applied AJAX technology to reduce the number of clicks you have to make. update[rediger kildetekst]

How can we improve the usability for your language[rediger kildetekst]

We expect that with the implementation of LocalisationUpdate the usability of MediaWiki for your language will improve. We are now ready to look at other aspects of usability for your language as well. There are two questions we would like you to answer: Are there issues with the new functionality of the Usability Initiative Does MediaWiki support your language properly

The best way to answer the first question is to visit the Change the language to your language, select the “vector” skin and add the advanced tool bar in in the preferences and check out the new functionality. And make some changes in your user page. When there is a need to improve on the localisation, please make the necessary changess . It should update your localisation straight away. We would like you to report each issue individually at .

When there are problems with the support of MediaWiki for your language, we really want to know about this. It is best to report each issue separately. In this way there will be no large mass of issues to resolve but we can address each issue on its own. Consider issues with the display of characters, the presentation of your script, the position of the side bar, the combination of text with other languages, scripts. It is best to try this in an environment like the prototype wiki as it provides you with a clean, basic and up to date environment. The prototype wiki is available for five languages but you can select any of them, change the preferences to your language and test out MediaWiki for your language.

We would like you to report each issue individually at . The issues you raise will all be assessed. It is important to keep each issue separate, because this will make it easier to understand the issues and find solutions.

PS This text has been approved by Naoko, Brion and Siebrand. Thanks, GerardM 30. Sep 2009, 10:03 (UTC)[svar]

Huge improvement, agree. Thank you --Qaqqalik 30. Sep 2009, 17:32 (UTC)[svar]