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Green_dot_7px.gif(7 × 7 punkter, filstørrelse: 833 bytes, MIME-Type: image/gif)

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English: Green circle in black border to locate a city on a map, or a person on a photo, or anything else. Transparent edges. Width is 7px (might disappear resized smaller, see: "Usage" and "Other versions" below).
Français : Cercle vert, en bordure noire, pour entourer une localité sur une carte, ou une personne sur une photo, ou n'importe quoi d'autre; transparent bords, 7 pixel.
Deutsch: Grüner Kreis in schwarzen Rand, um einen Ort auf einer Karte, oder eine Person auf einem Foto, oder irgendetwas anderes. Transparente Kanten. Breite ist 7px (vielleicht verschwinden kleinere Größe, siehe: "Usage" und "Other versions" unten).
Kilde Own work / Œuvre personnelle / selbst
Ophavsmand Wikid77
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As a map-pointer, the image can be used in map-locator templates, such as English Wikipedia "Template:Location_map" (setting template parameter "mark" to the pointer image file, with "marksize=7" to set marker size in pixels).


Public domain This image of simple geometry is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain, because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship.



This file is purposely maintained in GIF format (most international GIF-related patents have expired) to allow enlargement beyond original size, on English Wikipedia, which would reshrink oversized PNG images, a few seconds after enlargement (as of 14Nov07). Using PNG-format might also fail to render transparent image areas on English Wikipedia (see below: More PNG troubles). Also GIFs typically display 3x times faster than resized PNGs.


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