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Request for help[rediger kildetekst]

Please help me translate this part into Thank you very much. 6. Jul 2010, 08:06 (UTC)Reply[svar]


Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the biggest airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It served 13 million passengers in 2009. It is 7 km from the downtown.

Where R U? 6. Jul 2010, 12:07 (UTC)Reply[svar]

On moving content[rediger kildetekst]

Hi, please move content using "move"/"nuuguk", and not by coping and pasting, as the latter loses the history which is in violation of the other authors' copyright. Please revert the changes you've already done manually and re-do them in the proper fashion. - Kaare 6. Jul 2010, 16:23 (UTC)Reply[svar]

Aap, ajuusaarpunga. Where R U? 7. Jul 2010, 19:28 (UTC)Reply[svar]
Let me know if any pages are in the way; i.e. if they need to be deleted before you can move other pages to their location. - Kaare 7. Jul 2010, 20:38 (UTC)Reply[svar]
Aap, I do not see nothing else! Where R U? 7. Jul 2010, 20:41 (UTC)Reply[svar]