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Hi Sobreira, thanks for categorizing the articles! If only we somehow could attract native Kalaallisut speakers... - Kaare 27. Nov 2008, 22:33 (UTC)

Hola, i only speak italian and english. I think Avannarlermi means Northern, and Kujalleq means Southern. Sadly enough, Greenlandic is spoken by 50,000 people only, and it's arguable that only a few hundred of them have access to internet, and probably none of them know about this wikipedia and prefer contributing to the danish one. Texcarson 3. Dec 2008, 00:49 (UTC)
According to TELE Greenland's about page (in Danish, can't find the information in English) they offer telephony, ADSL and radio/TV in all towns and villages.
To paraphrase the web site's information further, 83 percent of the inhabitants (about 57,000 people in total) live in the 17 Greenlandic towns. The majority of the rest live in the 55 villages, and the remainder at remote sheep farms, etc.
So, most people who want to (and can afford it - don't know how expensive it is compared to the average income), are able to get an Internet subscription. Internet access is likely also available at libraries and schools.
- Kaare 4. Dec 2008, 22:40 (UTC)
Also, according to what the CIA World Factbook says about Greenland, 52,000 out of the 57,600 inhabitants of Greenland are Internet users, which is quite a lot, so the majority of native speakers should be able to edit. Jprulestheworld01 16. jul 2009, 17:04 (UTC)

Edits in your user space[redigér wikikode]

Hi Sobreira, what are all those edits in your user space? It doesn't seem to be something that will end up being relevant here, and if this is indeed the case, please move the pages elsewhere (e.g. to a private wiki). Your edits are cluttering up the recent changes list, which is especially annoying now that we have an active native user. - Kaare 16. jun 2009, 20:45 (UTC)

Could you please move the above mentioned edits elsewhere? - Kaare 14. sep 2009, 15:50 (UTC)

Ipissaanaq[redigér wikikode]

Could you help out on Diskussion:Ipissaanaq? Our native speaker is unfamiliar with the apparent Greenlandic word for cockle, even after looking it up - where did you find it? - Kaare 16. jun 2009, 20:53 (UTC)